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VOC Free Aerosol
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Air Lavender
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Bio-X® Kleanze
Ultrasonic Humidifier
[ Public Health + Commercial Sanitation + Animal Hygiene + Agriculture ]
... applied as a pesticide-insecticide.
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BV 20EW is a 20% ETF Concentrate Emulsified in Water.
BV 20EW is a new concept, environmentally-friendly and ecologically-balanced water-emulsifiable insecticide formulation based on a unique active ingredient ... Etofenprox® (ETF) a high-efficacy and extremely safe insecticide with proprietary blends of certain botanical extracts acting as a carrier and synergist.

BV 20EW is specially designed for effective control of vectors & pests in public health. It provides the added benefit of disinfecting properties with a remarkably characteristic of weak toxicity to mammals.

BV 20EW has excellent and broad spectrum efficacies which offers rapid & effective control of vector-borne diseases such as Dengue Hemorrhage Fever, Yellow Fever, Malaria, Filaria, Chagas Disease, Encephalitis, Shingellosis, Trachoma and other Gastro-entero diseases carried by aedes mosquitoes, anopheline mosquitoes, synanthropic flies, triatomine bugs, cockroaches, fleas and ticks and the like.

Due to its bio- and photo-degradable properties, BV 20EW's LT repeat application poses no environmental pollution.