new-age “safe” pest-control with bio-growth “promoters”
via the Bio-X (BX) Series of Products + the BioVectrol (BV) Series of Products

Our differences embedded in these Series of Products helps your products and services ... be so much better !!
Our Passion
BIO-X TECHNO Sdn Bhd (BXT) was established by Bio-X Global (BXG) Pte Ltd of Singapore to research, develop, manufacture, market and globally distribute, a range of new-age “safe” pest-control with bio-growth “promoters” to address 5 major markets ...
Together with Bio-X Global, we are a socially responsible organization, task with the application of bio-technologies to develop environmentally-friendly crop protection and pest control products and services. We develop, manufacture and market plant growth promoters and safe insecticides based on organic natural plant extracts such as pine and neem. We offer the best natural solutions that modern science can offer to help protect our ecology and the environment ... for planet earth!
Environmental Policy
It is our policy at BXT that research, manufacturing and marketing activities be carried out in a manner which demonstrates responsibility to the environment and care for our earth and its inhabitants. We are committed to : (i) Continually research and develop products for agricultural and public health applications that are not only environmentally friendly but also ecologically balanced; (ii) Comply with all relevant environmental legislation and regulations; (iii) Prevent pollution in all activities and operations; (iv) Work with the community and government agencies to enhance environmental awareness and protection; and (V) Strive towards continuous improvements in “environmental performance”.